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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Apologies for absence

John Kirkpatrick
I wasn't able to attend last week's session (19 April 2013). I am very grateful to Derek for providing this excellent report of proceedings...

The first thing readers of this blog will want to know is that the result of last week's charity session was announced, and came to a grand (and grand it was) total of £150.80 for the breast cancer charity BUST. A surprisingly large number of people laid claim to having contributed the odd 80p! [Ed: I emptied my pockets of change as I left, so I'll add my claim] Our thanks to all who attended our charity night and contributed to that total.

After a week when all seats were taken, the club this week returned to a more usual attendance. But occasional attender Phil made his second consecutive appearance, this time on the eve of his birthday. His contributions included a blast on his harmonica and a self-penned poem on his romantic memories of a sweet shop - both the sweets and the lady owner!

As to the rest of us, the propinquity of St George's Day led not merely to the annual appearance of Mike's England flag, but also to a plethora of St. George/Dragon related material ranging from Robin's rendition of John Kirkpatrick's St George ('And on my breast a red, red rose/The flower of England wherever she grows'), through Alan M's amusing monologue on the George and Dragon pub, to no fewer than two songs by Colin speculating on the comparative culinary properties of Virgins v More Experienced Girls.

Finally in the week of her funeral, some songs related to the person and deeds of Margaret Thatcher, the highlight of these being a rendition by Lesley (in her first reappearance after Welsh Six Nations' success) of Ian Walker's tender ballad on the Falklands' War - Roses in December.

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