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Saturday, 18 May 2013

More brief than recently

Al Stewart
Apparently my reports have been too long recently. No, not a complaint from the Dragon Folk club, but at home. You see, I try to complete the report after getting home from a session and a long report can mean very late to bed, especially after checking up all those song references. So, this will be shorter than recent reports and I may carry on that way. It just means I'll only mention songs which had stories attached on the night and I'll risk not mentioning everyone who was there. Sorry in advance.

Mike kicked off the evening with Sam's Gone Away. Derek sang The Four Marys. Apparently there are other titles to this song but Derek explained why he always uses this one. He was at a folk club and talking to a lady who said she was not feeling too good. It was because she had drunk four bloody marys the night before, so Derek began to sing "There were four bloody marys...".

Rachel has been to the club before but tonight was her first time singing and despite obvious nerves she gave a good performance of Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth. According to Mike the particular version was based on one collected by Cecil Sharp in Somerset. Later Rachel sang Pleasant and Delightful.

Colin had some problems with Hot Asphalt, first pitching it too high, then too low and finally, despite still being too high, Colin battled manfully to end.

Forty years ago Steve G frequented the Troubadour Club in Clifton, Bristol. A regular performer there was Al Stewart. Steve sang Al's song Swiss Cottage Manoeuvres.

I can't leave before remarking that it was Ray's first visit to the club since he fell while leaving on 27 April. His songs tonight included House of the Rising Sun, Smuggler, and Ellen Vannen Tragedy.

Gary finished off the evening with Saying Goodbye to the Sea.

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