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Sunday, 29 June 2014

How did they get away with Summertime?

On a warm summer's evening when the survivors of the Sun Ra Arkestra were performing at Glastonbury, Drogheda United playing Sligo Rovers in the All Ireland Premiership, and Radio 3 doing a live broadcast of Jongen's Harp Concerto, it is scarce wonder that so many Dragon regulars were missing this week. This included your regular Scribe; so again you are subject to the musings of the Substitute Scrivener.

Fortunately our numbers were swollen by a couple of brand new visitors, and a couple of slightly used ones – Roger and Carl who both made appearances last week. And as usual when the singing is Brevis, the craic was distinctly Longa – beginning with a long discussion led by Carl (Grandfather for the first time 3 days ago) and Mike (about to become a first-time Great Grandfather) on the cost of servicing other people's babies.

Our new couple included John B who, although only having come to listen, was persuaded to sing and gave us a Portuguese folk song, and a round which he had learnt from his father. His name inevitably led to Mike's concluding the evening with the only Bahamian folksong to regularly appear in the repertoire of the Beach Boys. How fortunate our visitor was not called Danny Boy. His partner had the misfortune to win the wine – Maggie's protestations that 'This week it's a good one' met with the usual derisive howls.

Carl, having been hijacked into singing with Simon's guitar last week, brought his own, and his contributions ranged from Davey Graham's Angi to accompanying Mike singing Summertime in a key so low that Paul Robeson would have been forced to loosen his underwear. His friend Paul returned for a record second week running to play some of his own tunes and trade insults with our MC.

Colin as always provided a variety of unusual material in a variety of unusual keys. Undoubted highlight this week was a nineteenth century song of technology in the Potteries, the obscurity of which gobsmacked both Mike and Derek.

Derek's songs included Following the Binder Round, correctly identified by Colin as by the Singing Postman, and Roar of the Crowd, correctly identified by Mike as by Denis Kevans with only the tiniest clue from Derek that it was by a member of the Australian Communist Party who had also played First Class cricket.

Finally a word to alert you to the fact that this year's celebration of Maggie S's 21st birthday is imminent. One of Maggie L's legendary buffets is promised. Stand by your phones for an invitation in the next few weeks.

[Thanks go to "Substitute Scrivener", Derek, for his excellent report this week]

There are only three songs in the YouTube playlist this week. Normal service should be resumed next week.

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