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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Onward and Upward

Vincent Black Lightning
There was a pleasing increase of bums on seats this week – just as well since we had the additional expense of sending the regular scribe away on another holiday, and remunerating his Deputy Scribe. In all there were 20 attendees, with 13 (12a if you are superstitious) performers. The word performers rather than singers is specifically chosen, because we had a welcome visit by Kath and her Koncertina, who gave us such tunes as Planxty Irwin (Turlough O'Carolan) and Salmon Tails Up The Watter (James Allan - yes, you non-Geordies, the second "t" IS compulsory).

The mathematicians amongst you will have worked out that this includes a higher than usual audience figure. Five strangers occupied the comfy chairs, and were happy to stay for the whole of the first half, as well as participating in the raffle. They finally disappeared early in Part Two, no doubt to share out their Curliwurlies.

Even the canine population was up, greyhound Indie being joined by whippet Freddie, who dragged owner Maggie L in for a drink, thereby ignoring Chris’s advice to Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes (Ben Jonson).

June 23rd having recently passed, Derek was contractually obliged to open with Spancil Hill, learnt from that fine Irish singer Mike Henry, still happily with us. This led to a sprinkling of Irish material throughout the evening including Richard’s Private Still (Roud 2342) and My Son In Amerikay, Terry’s Song for Ireland (Phil and June Colclough) and a shaggy-dog story by Roger about an Irish ice-skater.

Joe was back with us and, assisted by Steve and Jo, gave us Ewan MacColl’s First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. He could also be heard joining in very lustily during Roger’s rendition of Sloop John B.
In lieu of the promised manuscript copy of the lyrics of Strike the Bell, Landlord Mike performed the song for Terry, and unsolicited, when Terry sang William Brown (Keep That Wheel A-Turning - Arthur Hagg), Mike added a verse including the information that being a postman is better than walking the streets [Ed - I know that verse, and it's on the linked version by my friend Mike Terney]. This kind of terrible pun kept on cropping up all night, especially in Richard’s own Land of Clichés.

Steve gave a try-out to a song (Turned Out Nice Again) he has written in anticipation of a Water Charity night in Frampton Cotterell the day before August Bank Holiday. There will be further details and reminders of this as we get nearer the date.

Phil had a theological evening singing both Plastic Jesus (to the amusement of the visitors - Ed Rush and George Cromarty) and No Telephone in Heaven (AP Carter).

Other notable performances included Jo’s Coat of Many Colors (Dolly Parton) and Going Back to Harlan (Kate McGarrigle) and MC Hammer’s – sorry, MC Colin’s - Don’t Tell I, Tell ‘e (Trevor Crozier); this shares the tune of Lamora, which I always assumed was roughly contemporary with Crozier’s epic, but which I now observe goes back to at least 1910.

Steve concluded the night with Richard Thompson’s Vincent Black Lightning.

Here's a selection of songs sung during this session.

(Number of people present - 20, of which 13 performed)

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