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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Happy Birthday Mike H

A slightly better-attended session last week heard the big news that had been rumbling all week. Maggie has decided to retire from running the club and after the next session (30 October 2015) and will be handing to baton to Colin. Mike reminds Colin that you are only ever lent the reins of the Dragon Folk Club.

In preparation for taking over, Colin suggested to Mike that the next session would have a theme of Halloween. Mike accepted the suggestion, adding that it might also involve Australia and New Zealand (a rugby reference), so that gives a bit of scope to everyone.

Derek was the first to sing, giving us Lord Gregory (Roud 49, Child 76). Mike followed that with Derek Craft's comic Handier Household Help, an apparently true story about an all-purpose cleaning product.

Richard sang what appears to be George Dunn's version of All Fours (Roud 232). I can be so specific because is includes a sort of epilogue in which the young lady is going to have a child and wishes herself dead, which seems to come from a different song, perhaps from What A Voice (Roud 495). Chris' first of the evening was Poor Wayfaring Stranger (Roud 3339).

Colin sang Killing Me Softly With His Song (Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel), saying he didn't think he had heard it done by any a male singer before. In fact it has been recorded by a raft of both male and female singers, and even late Dragon Folk Club regular, Ray Croll apparently sang it. Colin mentioned Roberta Flack, who was indeed the first to take it into the charts. It was however first recorded by Lori Lieberman whose reaction to hearing Don McLean sing Empty Chairs was the inspiration for her poem on which the song was later based.

Simon noted that it was 23 October, which was not only his father's birthday (89) but also Mike Harding's (71). Simon went on to perform only things which had been written by or performed by Mike H: Down Our Street (Mike Harding), The Wedding At Number 18 Clegg Street (Mike Harding), Jimmy Spoons (Mike Harding), Factory (Bruce Springsteen) and January Man (Dave Goulder).

The second of Simon's pieces wasn't the only monologue of the evening. In fact there were two others: Richard with his own Albert and Pythagoras in the style of Marriott Edgar, and Derek reciting The Hoily Rigs, thought to be written by Bob Roberts.

Derek noted that it was the 100th Anniversary of the death of Downend and Bristol local, WG Grace and was disappointed that Richard hadn't sang a sing for him. Richard was puzzled what was meant. "Amazing Grace", responded Derek. Richard declined to sing it.

Among his selection of songs for the evening, Roger gave us The Hippopotamus Song (Michael Flanders and Donald Swann).

Richard closed the evening with Beggar Man (Roud 118, Child 279).

Here's a selection of songs sung during this session.

(Number of people present - 7, of which 7 performed)

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