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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

July on the Somme

Battle of the Somme 1916 - Prelude (Photo by Norman Date)
Last week's session saw novice MC, Simon attempting and not always succeeding to maintain control of the evening but we got there in the end and a total of 31 songs and tunes isn't too bad a tally. Normal service should be resumed this week.

Simon asked Derek to start which he did by saying that he has few July songs but offering Three Flowers, his version starting "As I was walking down the street one evening in July".

Another theme which emerged was the centenary of the start of the Battle of the Somme on 1 July 2016. Mike was first to contribute on this theme with Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire (Roud 9618).

Terry offered us The Wizard Of Alderley Edge (Pete Coe) before Tony and Hilary returned us to the Great War with Harvey Andrews' thought-provoking song about his Great Aunt, Margarita. They went straight into an instrumental set comprising Maid In The Meadow and The Ten Penny Bit.

In typically mournful mood, if only in the nature of his songs, Phil sang Falling By The Wayside (Charlie Poole, Norman Woodlieff).

Returning to the First War, Derek sang Raining, Raining, Raining to the tune of the hymn Holy, Holy, Holy and Mike sang I Don't Want To Join The Army.

Derek gave us another of his rare July songs with a song he calls Owen Barry but which is one of several distinct songs with the name The Butcher Boy, this one being Roud 263, Laws P35 ("he promised for to marry her on the month of sweet July").

At this point Simon who hadn't been at the previous week's session but had noted an imbalance in the songs sung, took on the subject of the controversy around the campaigns leading to a Leave result in the EU Referendum, singing Robb Johnson's brand new song, Hats (sorry the link won't be accessible to all but I think it's only currently available on Robb's Facebook page). The song led to a long discussion of the perceived merits and demerits of the EU which was eventually brought under control when Phil sensibly asked whether this was to be the interval... not quite yet was the answer.

Tony, with Hilary's backing on autoharp gave us Lady In The Boat and Rakes Of Kildare and the first half really was finished off by Hilary singing I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash).

After a slightly extended break in which Phil discussed autoharps with Tony and Hilary (Tony is, it seems Hilary's technician) Phil was asked to return to his seat from where he sang I'm Free From the Chain Gang Now (Lou Herscher, Saul Klein).

After a couple more rounds Simon asked Derek to finish off the evening, which he did with a good finishing-off song: Leave Her Johnny (Roud 354).

Contrary to a rumour that seems t have persisted for several weeks, this week does not see us pushed out of our usual venue by a party, so please come and sing, dance, play, recite or whatever takes your fancy, this Friday.

Here's a selection of songs sung during this session.

(Number of people present - 7, of whom 7 performed)

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