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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Follow the caravan to Rio

Last weeks session was again well attended and this time everyone was a performer.

We were pleased to welcome newcomers Chris and John, on a weekend away from their West Midlands home with their caravan. Rose and Jonjo also returned this week.

In Colin's absence, Richard had the MCs book for the evening and he put himself on first with The Constant Lovers (Roud 993, Laws O41).

Mike sang a version of Hanging Johnny (Roud 2625) which combined traditional verses with verses sung in school and verses self-composed about British politicians from the 1970s to the present day.

Before the singing started Derek had spun a joke off the fact that Simon brought some some home-grown courgettes for the taking. The joke, a skit on the Welsh, was meant as a gentle dig at Lesley but found an unintended target in visitor, John. So Richard said he could sing in Welsh but it was Lesley who got there first with Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn (Watching the Wheat - Wil Hopcyn).

Tom gave us Ralph McTell's Let Me Down Easy and Simon, who had been helping someone with a similar name at work, dug out Muirsheen Durkin.

Visitors Chris and John performed together, demonstrating their harmonies with songs including Run Come See Jerusalem, written by Blake Alphonso Higgs, a song about the 1929 Bahamas hurricane; Limehouse Reach (Cicely Fox Smith); Northern Tide (Linda Kelly), Streets Of Bethesda (Barry "Archie" Jones); and Bonnet And Shawl (Dave Webber, Anni Fentiman).

Phil's first of the evening was Banks Of The Ohio (Roud 157, Laws F5).

Jonjo's self-penned songs of the evening were The Deed I've Done, Grind Leads To Grind, and Who Shattered Your Cross?

Rose gave us Leaving London (Tom Paxton).

Derek set himself a theme for the night of the Rio Olympics, singing Two Brothers (Roud 38, Child 49 - Handball, Shot Putt and Wrestling), Sheath And Knife (Roud 3960, Child 16 - Archery) and Rio Grande (Rio). Finally, Derek finished off the session with Haul Away Joe (Roud 809 - Tug-of-War).

Let's keep the run of good attendances going and see another cracking session this week. Bring your voice, instrument, dancing shoes, or just yourself for a great evening this Friday or any Friday.

Here's a selection of songs sung during this session.

(Number of people present - 11, of whom 11 performed)

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