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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Songs People Sing

Appleby Horse Fair (Photo: Bryan Ledgard)
A brief traditional riddle for readers to solve: what did the following people do on the specified dates, which on 22nd June 2018 gave the Substitute Scribe 20 minutes respite from scribing, while the others argued about the answer?- Joe South (1968), Freddy Weller (of Paul Revere and the Raiders 1969), Dolly Parton (1969), Conway Twitty (1969), Don Gibson (1970), Sami Jo (1974), Dick Gaughan (1983), Tesla (1994), Inner Circle (1994) and Don Williams 1995.

The answer is that they all recorded The Games People Play (Joe South), which Colin sang in the course of the evening. As far as I am aware Colin has not recorded it, but 'Basement' tapes may begin to appear soon. And I need to point out that two other songs – but with the same title - were recorded by The Alan Parsons Project (1987) and The Spinners (1975). Sorry, not those Spinners, but an American R&B group [Ed: known in the UK as The Detroit Spinners to avoid just such confusion].

Well folks, that's all we had time for this week…..

Ok - actually there was a bit more singing. Derek inevitably sang both Michael Considine's Spancil Hill (Roud 22062) (It being on the 23rd of June, the day before the Fair) and Pecker Dunne's Sullivan's John (There’s a hairy ass fair in the County Clare in a place they call Spancil Hill); so Mike took up the tinker theme with Adam McNaughtan's Yellow on the Broom & Kevin Sheerin's Nancy Myles and it continued with Geoff singing The Red Headed Ann (Mike McConnell).

Other contributions to the evening’s entertainment included Following the Southern Star (Dave Marshall, Amanda Jenner) sung by Mike, Don’t Tell I Tell 'e (NOT by Adge Cutler but by  Dead Dog Scrumpy writer Trevor Crozier along with Kevin Sheldon), Hughie Jones' Marco Polo & (Roud 598) Ratcliffe Highway (all Colin) and Agus fagaimid siud mar ata se (otherwise Limerick Rake – Roud 3018) & Allan Sherman's Mexicans Dance on their Hats (both Geoff).

Geoff also contributed a full 8p to the Estate of the late Dominic Behan with Patriot Game and Zoological Gardens.

There being a lot of time to use up with very few singers, Derek decided to do (Child 7, Roud 23) Earl Brand. Yes, all of it! Since he hasn’t done Rising in the North for some while, everyone else would be grateful for as large an audience as possible over the next few weeks to ensure he doesn't get the chance.

No theme for next week, although, seeing Colin's conveyance system for the club's accoutrements, Mike suggested 'Carrier Bags'. So first through the door next week gets the option on Streets of London (Carrying her home in two carrier bags.)

Here's a selection of songs sung during this session.

(Number of people present - 4, of whom 4 performed)


  1. Southern Star was written by Dave Marshal (helped by Mike) tune by Amanda Jenner

    1. My 'source' was the blog of 23 July 2015 when Simon described Southern Star as "one of Mike's songs". Having re-read it I concede there is an ambiguity as to whether that meant 'a song written by Mike' or 'a song from Mike's repertoire'. My apologies to Dave Marshall (to whom any fourpences should be forwarded!)

    2. Appropriately updated - at least I hope it's appropriate.