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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

There's no B in Liverpool

Liverpool's "Three Graces" (Photo: Simon Meeds)
I'm afraid I have to keep the report fairly short this week, would you believe because I'm planning to go out and hear more music, and maybe sing a bit too. But first there are some significant parish notices.
With one exception as you will read in a moment, we meet every Friday and usually you can sing whatever you like at our sessions but sometimes we have an evening with an optional theme, and we happen to have a few of those coming up. You don't have to follow the theme with all of your songs, but it's nice if you can bring something to the party.

26 October - Halloween theme (All Saints, All Souls, ghosts, witches, etc.)
2 November - Campfire theme (camping, fires, fireworks, Guy Fawkes, etc.)
9 November - No session (if you come to the pub you may find yourself in the middle of a charity Ladies' Night)
16 November - Remembrance theme (war, anti-war, remembrance, etc.)

With that out of the way, let's get on with the report.

Colin opened up the evening with Citadel Hill (Roud 1811) which appears to be a Canadian song and a location in Halifax, Nova Scotia, so I'm not sure how it fits in with his obvious theme for the evening of Liverpool. He got stuck in though with In My Liverpool Home (Peter McGovern), I Wish I Was Back In Liverpool (Leon Rosselson, Stan Kelly) and Liverpool Judies (Roud 928).

It was great to see Jo and Steve G, who mostly performed duets through the evening except for Steve's rendition of Al Stewart's Gethsemane Again. Their duets included Banks Of The Nile (Roud 950, Laws N9).

Derek decided at one stage to sing a song about Ben Hall. He started the song and then stopped, saying that although about Hall, wasn't the song he had intended to sing, and that it wasn't in his repertoire. Jo expressed particular surprise that he could remember so many songs, even ones he doesn't sing. Derek explained wryly that he's too lazy to forget them! He continued with the song, which was The Death Of Ben Hall (Roud 3352).

Mike continued from last week with his song list from 1988, having reached B: Black Velvet Band (Roud 2146), The Bald Eagle (Vera Johnson), Bring Us A Barrel (Keith Marsden) and Byker Hill (Roud 3488).

Simon rounded off the evening with chorus song to get everyone singing: When All Men Sing (Keith Scowcroft, Derek Gifford).

Here's a selection of songs sung during this session.

(Number of people present - 6, of whom 6 performed)

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