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Thursday, 7 March 2013

St David's Day Update

Newport Transporter Bridge
As I said in a previous post, I wasn't able to be at the session on St David's Day. Now, thanks to Richard, I have a very comprehensive report of what happened.

Mike was astonished that Lesley turned up for her own patron saint's day, unlike the last two years (Mike would claim several). Lesley sang two Welsh songs and Richard sang a self-penned parody (in Welsh) of one of them, Ar lan y môr, which dispels the mystery of the original.

Several songs had Welsh themes, including coal-mining.

Derek introduced a song as a google-aided, self-translated song collected by a Methodist Missionary to Wales.It turned out to be a self-penned parody of Brighouse on a Saturday Night referring obliquely
to several of Lesley's Street-Pastoring activities, and de-extolling many of "Newport on a Wet Friday Night"'s non-virtues.

Colin extolled the virtues of Woad, which led to discussion of Gary's accidental discovery of naturists. Gary himself turned guitar-tuning into a song with the refrain "If it's good enough for Carthy, it's good enough for me."

Kevin was also present and performed Kathy's Song, commenting that there are people around today too young to know who Paul Simon is.

Maggie L brought a very diminutive dog which spent much of the night down (or up) her jumper.

Late arrival and star performer of the night was Ray (with his roadie son David who played 12-string guitar in non-standard tuning). Ray only left hospital that afternoon.

We don't think there is a theme next week (8 March).

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