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Saturday, 16 March 2013

St Patrick's Day

Joan Baez and Bob Dylan
Tonight was the nearest Dragon Folk Club session to St Patrick's Day, so the theme was everything Irish.

Let's be clear, with these reports I don't try to name everyone who was present or list all the songs that have been sung, that's Mike's job, and he has a record of everything that has been sung at the club for many years. What I do is simply select a few things that have been said or sung that I think might be of interest. If you were present and aren't mentioned, please don't take offence; I'm sure you'll be mentioned another time.

It was good to see Ray in the first half, with his roadie. His first song was the excellent The Little Pot Stove, written by Harry Robertson.

Derek sang "Aldergrove Plane" about the plight of British soldiers in Northern Ireland during "The Troubles". Derek doesn't know who wrote the song, and would be grateful if anyone could fill in this rare gap in his knowledge.

Lesley, surprisingly, got the prize for the "lowest" song of the evening with the German Clockwinder, though as Mike pointed out, she did use the clean version of the chorus. Mike's humourous contribution for the evening was the "Land Rover" song; a parody on Wild Rover.

Keith came along quite late and his visit was brief. He explained that he had learnt a song at 7pm this evening. It was Diamonds and Rust, a song by Joan Baez about Bob Dylan. Keith played it to his fourteen-year-old son, who proclaimed it was a folk song. In that case Keith needed a "pass-out" to the folk club. His son granted him a very limited pass which meant he was able to turn up to play that song and one more. As usual with Keith, you wouldn't have known he had just picked out the song earlier in the evening.

It was another cosy evening, having only half of the room available. While it's not an entirely bad thing, we hope to be back to normal soon, and certainly ready for the BUST Charity Night.

There's no theme next week, so it's entirely up to you what you sing. See you there!

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