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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Getting down to the beat!

Thank you to Derek for the following excellent report while I'm out on a field trip. I haven't found any interesting new French songs yet.

A new if somewhat distracting addition to the club this week came in the form of the speaker nearest the door, which although allegedly switched off, persistently bled in the bass track from whatever rubbish was being played in the bar. Well done to everyone for coping with it. Singing Rambling Boy to the bass line of Out West by the Pet Shop Boys is something one rarely practices in anticipation. (Ed: Let's hope that's fixed quickly)

Inevitably, given the large number of regulars who last week brought anticipatory absence notes from their mothers, attendance was very slim, and singing was wound up prematurely at 10.30 with Mike singing Child #95 - The Maid Freed From The Gallows, though with omission of some of the less popular verses such as “I think I see my second cousin's daughter in law coming over yonder stile.”

The small attendance also led, on the grounds of financial non-viability, to the cancellation of the raffle – or as many of us saw it, a cast iron guarantee that we wouldn't end up going home with the wine.

But in spite of all this – singing was sung! The previous day's American Independence celebration led to a strong transatlantic flavour including American Traditional (Steve's Delia's Gone), American Non-traditional (Ray's Buddy Can You Spare a Dime?), songs mentioning America (Robin's New York Girls) and songs from NEAR America (Mike's Bald Eagle, a song giving a Canadian perspective on American imperialism).
Only Derek eschewed yankeeness, preferring songs that mention July, such as Norman Reddin's Three Flowers and the traditional Owen Barry.

Hopefully, normal numbers will be restored next week.

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