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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Vaguely Glastonbury

The elusive Mick Jagger
Mike sang The Sailboat Malarky which was one of the first songs that the Bristol Shantymen sang. At the time Mike worked for a dairy and one of the group members took to singing a version -  The Milkfloat Starkey.

Lesley gave a big build up to one of her favourite songs of 1970 - The Wonder of You. Mike says it was a UK hit for Elvis Presley in 1972 but Lesley was playing it on a jukebox in Jersey, so we'll give the benefit of the doubt that it was popular earlier in the Channel Isles, as apparently it was worldwide outside the UK. Following on from this, Mike later sang In the Ghetto, a request from Maggie.

Rachel missed the club during the week of Fathers' Day so she sang The Chemical Worker's Song to honour her father who suffers because he worked in the chemical industry in the 1960s.

With this weekend being Glastonbury Festival, headlined by The Rolling Stones, there was a lot of asking "Is that a Mick Jagger song?" Alan K sang Joni Mitchell's Woodstock, which definitely isn't Mick's, but is at least related to a music festival.

Lesley carried on in her non-folky theme with Gracie Fields' The Biggest Aspidistra in the World. Ray brought us back to sanity with Ralph McTell's The Girl from the Hiring Fair.

Derek, feeling we might be getting withdrawal symptoms from Alan's performances, recited a monologue, The Hoily Rigs, alleged to have been written by Bob Roberts, about working on an oil rig and upsetting the devil by flooding hell. Simon stayed in Norfolk by singing The Candlelight Fisherman.

In honour of his adopted country, Richard sang Sosban Fach.

The penultimate song of the evening was Keith doing George Benson's On Broadway, following which we were finished off by Derek with a cleaned up version of Put Your Shoulder Next to Mine and Pump Away (sorry I couldn't find a better version).

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