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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A fine send off for Ray Croll

Yesterday was the day of Ray Croll's funeral. I wasn't at the funeral itself but I understand that Richard officiated in fine style and that the singing was as strong as you would expect. I did however go to the evening event, which in accordance with Ray's wishes was a celebration of both his life and that of his late wife, Vera.

There must have been at least 100 people present (I didn't count so it could have been many more). There were two performance sessions starting soon after 7pm and going on until 11:15 with only a short break for a buffet. There were many fine performances, with performers representing many of the folk clubs that Ray attended. Even with all of those performers, it barely scratched the surface of the talent present.

Performing representatives of the Dragon folk club were Richard, Derek, Tom, Alan K, Kevin, Steve G and Robin (with the Pill Whalers). Ray's son David and his daughter, June, both performed separately and together with their cousin.

According to Alan K's suggestion, many people present were dressed in t-shirt, loose checked shirt and flat cap (not me). As one of the MCs suggested, when you caught sight of someone so attired out of the corner of your eye, it was easy to think Ray had dropped in to give us one of his songs, particularly so when Ray's son David was the person you saw. He joked that he thought he saw Ray in Marks and Spencer at York the other week - but it was a mirror!

A book was passed around for people to write down their memories of Ray, and Alan K is organising a reissue of Ray's 10-year-old CD. Let Alan know if you are interested in a copy.

There were several songs sung that had been written about Ray, both recently and in the more distant past, and of course some other people sang things from Ray's own repertoire, while yet others sang songs that Ray liked or that they thought he would have liked. The evening was rounded off with Alan K's song written for Ray's 80th birthday party (which I attended).

It was indeed a fine send off and one which Ray would definitely have appreciated. Thanks to everyone involved in the organisation. There was even a suggestion of making an annual event in Ray's memory to bring together all of the folk clubs he attended, and of course that would be called Rayfest! Watch this space.

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