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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Things that go bump by the campfire (with added rugby)

Brian Bedford with Jacey Bedford
and Hilary Spencer, the members
of the disbanded harmony group,
Being between Halloween and November 5th, this week's theme was supposed to be "Things that go bump by the campfire". Talk of campfire songs seemed though to bring us round to rugby songs, some of which, usually in cleaner versions, were sung. If an excuse was needed, it was found in that the Rugby League World Cup was taking place in various venues around the country.

Mike started us off in Halloween mood with The devil at York Minster, written by Tim Brooks. Mike's other Halloween song was Devil of Cockeram. Without going through all the other songs to check for spooky references, there were a few other obvious ones for this theme. Richard's sang With her head tucked underneath her arm by RP Weston and Bert Lee. Simon went from She moved through the fair to Monster mash by Bobby Pickett and Lenny Capizzi. Colin's singing of Widecombe fair must have got everyone singing. Derek added The red cock (this recording of Sweet William's ghost is about as close I can find).

The camp fire (or bonfire) theme was well represented by songs including Robin's Land of the silver birch, Simon's This is the way the world ends, written by Brian Bedford, and Mike's She'll be coming round the mountain, which wasn't quite the conventional version sung at my junior school pantomimes, and that led us into the final theme of rugby songs.

Derek sang the cleanest version of The gathering of the clans he could muster; certainly cleaner than this Ball of Kerrymuir, which while as close as you'll get is not to be listened to if you're easily offended. Lesley sang a version of The ash grove which was certainly more demure (Lesley's word for it) than would be heard at any rugby club. I guess rugby is where Mike got his closing song, There were five constipated men in the bible.

Next week Mike won't be around and Richard will be in charge.

Here's a selection of these songs plus some others sung during the session.

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