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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Steeleye, unions and other things

Woody Guthrie
There was no theme this week so everyone sang whatever they wished. Mike kicked off the evening but I unfortunately arrived just after he finished his first song, so its identity remains a mystery to me. Next came Robin with Barbara Allen. Derek's first of the evening was Admiral Benbow.

Both Richard and Simon showed Steeleye Span influences in their first songs: Richard with Thomas the rhymer and Simon with Boys of Bedlam.

Steve G brought us Paulo Nutini's Growing up beside you. Meanwhile Colin claimed that he was respecting Mothering Sunday with his rendition of Woody Guthrie's Union maid. The song was written in 1940 and Colin included the final later verse which is explained at this link.

Following on from Colin's Union Maid, Derek sang Detroitium, another union song, and then went on to sing the song of which it is a parody, Dives and Lazarus. Richard contributed Duncan Campbell (Erin-Go-Bragh) which is Laws Q20.

Mike sang the excellent Old man's song written by Ian Campbell which follows a man's life, told in wars from the Boer War to the Vietnam War and beyond. Later on Mike sang, for the first time, Rawtenstall annual fair, fondly remembered in the club from the singing of the late "Vee". As Richard pointed out we missed out on her performance which involved taking to the floor and getting very animated - Mike sang it from his seat.

Robin sang the song which seems to be variously called The robbers' retreat, Beauty of Cashmir and Cadgwith anthem (Roud 3314). Mike told a story about the song. I believe the gist was that a former landlord of the Nova Scotia pub in Bristol moved to the pub in Cadgwith. When Mike visited, the landlord requested that he sing the Cadgwith Anthem, which he did, and it appeared that no one in Cadgwith knew the song at that time.

Simon finished off the session with the Rout of the Blues. There seems to be no set theme again for next week, which means it's a free for all - set your own theme or just sing whatever you feel like.

Here's a selection of songs sung during the session.

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