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Friday, 24 October 2014

England expects... and is disappointed

Today is the nearest Friday to Trafalgar Day, so we were expecting lots of shanties, tales of how wonderful Nelson was and general patriotism, but it wasn't to be. Dragon Folk Club meets every Friday, and I mean every Friday. It takes quite a lot for it to be cancelled. Since I've been going along, which is about eleven and a half years, the only things I can remember stopping the marching certainty of the club were Christmas Day, extreme weather and a murder (really).

Tonight's story though was a rather sorry affair in comparison. Apparently there had been a party at The Bridge which was supposed to finish at 17:30 but by 20:30 they were still occupying our back room as well as the rest of the pub. There seemed no prospect of them vacating, and even if they did the pressure on the toilets would be such that the function room would be like Piccadilly Circus. So, when I arrive, slightly late, I found Mike and Colin in the side bar, ready to inform all comers that the club would not be happening tonight. I could have stayed with them for a drink but I decided to head home and write this little report instead.

There is one piece of information which I need to impart, and it comes from Terry Helyar, via Facebook. I have already mentioned on this blog that Betty McDonald's funeral will be on 28 October 2014 at 12 noon at Westerleigh Crematorium. There is now some information about what is proposed to happen after the funeral. There will be a wake for Betty on the 28th October in Thornbury in the Catholic Club Hall, 11 Castle Street, Thornbury, BS35 1HA. The venue has other rooms off the hall which may provide an opportunity for friends and family to play music or sing. The hall has been booked to 18:00 and has bar facilities.

So, sorry for anyone who turned up this week and was disappointed. All will be back to normal next week just in time for Halloween, so come prepared with all your spooky songs and stories.

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  1. Do not forget Friday 31st is Halloween so theme things that go bump in the night .Mike