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Saturday, 4 October 2014

In celebration of the life of Pat (Eades) Hyett

Pat (Eades) Hyett
This week's session was a celebration of the life of our good friend Pat who died recently and it was great to see an excellent turn-out. Proceeds from the evening will go to St Peter's Hospice where she was cared for in the last week of her life. Many people will know her as Pat Eades (or Patricia Eades from her articles in her local parish magazine) but this summer she married her partner of twelve years, Keith Hyett and became Pat Hyett. many people can remember that day spent with Pat and Keith celebrating their marriage, and Pat was on great form.

While Mike and Maggie were definitely present, and Mike's dog, Indy, in fine voice, MC duties were taken up by Richard, who showed his prowess in identifying tunes (most of the time) and kept everyone well in order.

There were so many people present and I wouldn't want to miss anyone who sang, so I will take to the list format of report once more. Apologies for any performances I haven't managed to fully identify. Some of these songs were in Pat's repertoire, some were her favourites, others may have some connection with her and still others have nothing whatsoever to do with her, but that's the way it goes at the Dragon Folk Club; as long as everyone has a good time, we are all happy.

Here's a selection of the songs sung during the session.

(Number of people present - 31, of which 21 performed)

Photograph of Pat reproduced by permission of Keith Hyett

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